Hello, my name is
Stefano Colombo and I believe in #FITNESS.





I passed most of my life riding motorcycles (motocross). I started when I was six years old at regional level, until I made it my own job, competing at national and international

Unfortunately I had to quit it, because of different accidents happened to me.

When I quit, I spent more than one year in hospitals, hearing experts and spending everything that I had to take care of myself. Everybody told me I couldn't keep doing sports: riding a motorcycle, training or running. 

I realised that I couldn't be able to have a normal life of sport again, but I didn't give up. I began training 2/3 times per day, 3/4 hours, every day, festivities including...

I was able to strengthen every single muscle of my body, increasing my muscular mass. Now I see the results: I run, I go on bike and I lift weights 5 times every week for 90 minutes. 


So I decided to stay in sport sector and I started training many athletes of different levels and sports (motocross, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, fitness ecc..) trying to transmit my passion, my beliefs and knowledges learned during several years. 

During my free time I travel and work out in different places; in this way I can always learn many and new rudiments and sport habits and every time I notice many people training without necessary technical competences, hurting themselves and not achieving what they want.  

For this reason I created COLOMBOTRAINING.COM a portal where how to learn the  body A-B-C, the exercises and where you can train myself using the right method and getting good results.


COLOMBOTRAINING.COM è di Colombo Stefano C.F. CLMSFN85S06B300I via Gardesana 205 Malcesine (vr) 37018<<<